Toni and Rita Aeschbacher founded Nile Arabians in 1974 when they imported the first two pure Egyptian mares into Switzerland. They have built Nile Arabians up into one of Europe's leading private purebred Arabian studs. By observing traditional pure Egyptian breeding programmes whilst adding new, visionary imputs to these programmes in the form of first class stallions with Russian, Polish, French and Tunisian bloodlines, they made possible the numerous successes of Nile Arabians, both in the show ring and on the race track.

Rita und Toni Aeschbacher

The stud farm was situated in Brenles. Toni and Rita have run the stud together for more than 25 years. After the death of Toni, Rita cares alone for the broodmares and rears the foals until end of 2018.

Urs und Franziska Aeschbacher run the schooling and training stable, with around 15 horses at the IENA training centre (National Equestrian Institute of Avenches) until end of 2018. In 2019 they stopped the breeding and training activities in Switzerland and founded a new Stud, called Haras du Nil, in France in January 2019. Franziska und Urs Aeschbacher